Importance of Collaboration Tools in Online Tutoring

Importance of Collaboration Tools in Online Tutoring

Importance of collaboration tools in online tutoring is second to none. Collaboration tools define the student teaching experience.

What are Collaboration Tools in Online Tutoring

The most commonly used collaboration tools in online teaching are :-

  1. White board
  2. Collaborative text/ code/ geometrical figure editor
  3. Audio chat
  4. Video Chat
  5. Text chat
  6. File transfer

The best solution for e-learning website is the one which works seamlessly on PCs, Macs, Android and iOS mobile devices. This leads to better engagement of students.

Based on your requirements, you should also check if the collaboration tools offered, support one-to-one tutoring sessions or one-to-many sessions.

Scalability and stability of the solution should also be a very important consideration.

Importance of Having Great Collaboration Tools

Having great collaboration tools, will give you an overwhelming good return on your investment. Good collaboration tools provide the opportunity for teachers and students to have the perfect classroom atmosphere online. This should be almost like sitting right next to each other physically. This only will lead to more repeat sessions.

Since in online tutoring, student and teacher are separated by time and space. Having a feel of actual classroom is very important. As the technology has evolved, the distinction between online and offline has come down.

How to Choose the Right Collaboration Tools for Online Tutoring

Before choosing the vendor for collaboration tools, I would recommend to have a proper demonstration of the proposed product. You should not just look for what you need right now but also take a holistic long term view of the requirements. I would recommend you to not just look at one feature but the overall offering. Many companies have one very popular feature but their overall offering does not solve your entire problem.

Ideally speaking, you should look for a one stop solution, where issues like discoverability, scheduling, payment, collaboration and analytics is solved in one go.


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