10 Reasons Why School Tutors Should Choose Live Online Tutoring

10 Reasons Why School Tutors Should Choose Live Online Tutoring

We have seen school tutors mostly tutor students from physical/ offline location. These tutors either go to student’s home/ cafe or ask student to come to their home or tutoring institute. Here are 10 reasons why you should start live online tutoring for tutoring your students.

  1. Convenient for tutor- Live online tutoring is far more convenient for tutors. You don’t need to rush to student’s home or tutoring institute. Instead you can tutor from comfort of your home through your laptop/ desktop.
  2. Don’t waste time in commuting- Commuting is wastage of time, especially if you can save it. While commuting, you waste time, money and energy. All these things can be better utilised if you are doing online tutoring
  3. Costs less to student- Since you will not be charging student for your commute and physical location, your tutoring fee will automatically come down. This will make your services as tutor more attractive to potential students.
  4. Simpler to start and expand- It is very easy to start online tutoring service. With myTutoring you can start your online tutoring services in 5 mins. Expansion does not require any additional investment.
  5. Reach global audience- Tutoring through a physical location, you can only tutor students from near by locations. However if you are tutoring online, you can tutor students from all over world. We have seen substantial increase in students from near by cities and students who move to other cities/ states.
  6. Be cool and techy- Like it or not, students appreciate when you are using latest cutting edge technology which is not being used anywhere else. By using live tutoring, you can be “cool and techy”
  7. Easier to teach and record- When you are tutoring complex science or math concepts to your students, your students might want to revisit the same after sometime. That is why if you are providing recording of whatever you have taught, it would be helpful to students. It is possible in live online tutoring
  8. Easy to share study material- If you want to share study notes with your students, you can easily do it with online tutoring, as compared to offline tutoring.
  9. Easier to teach multiple students- If you want to teach multiple students, it is very much possible in online live tutoring. You can teach even hundreds of students at a time.
  10. Teach from anywhere and anytime- If you are teaching from a physical location, you have to come to your centre to teach your students. You can’t take vacations. You can’t go on family holidays. But if you are live tutoring your students, you don’t have to worry. You can teach your students from anywhere in the world, provided it has internet connection.

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