5 Reasons Why Live Online Tutoring During Holiday Season Is a Good Thing

5 Reasons to Online Tutor in Holiday Season

As an educator, especially if you are in early days of starting your business, it is a good thing, if you work during Holiday season. Most of the early stage entrepreneurs work around the clock and holiday season should not be exception. Holiday season makes the extra effort totally worth it. When you are chasing your dream, holiday season offers God sent opportunity, you should cash it with both hands.

Here are 5 reasons, why you should do live online tutoring during holiday season

  • SAT, applications, assignments etc have deadlines– most of the students who are either preparing for SAT or college applications don’t take break at this time. They keep on preparing and need assistance.
  • Stay with your family and friends- Everybody likes to stay with family and friends during holiday season. In this time, if you need to help your old student regarding some assignment or questions, most efficient way to do so is by live online tutoring
  • Weather- in many parts weather is really bad during holiday season. This makes physical meeting between students and educators very difficult. Here live online tutoring is the best option.
  • Make reputation for 24 X 7 X 365 availability- In education, availability of tutor matters a lot. So, if you are available to help your students when no body else is, it will help in creating word of mouth for your services.
  • Holidays are not mandatory- Just because it is Christmas and New Year time, that does not mean you are forced to leave all your work and attend get togethers and parties. If you are one of those millions, who are not in holiday spirit or your family is thousand miles away, it makes sense to get some extra business. It is a good time for you to get things in to-do list done. Since your students too would be free right now, you should give him/ her long pending review or assignment for future.

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