Importance of Admin Panel in Online Tutoring Platform

Importance of Admin Panel in Online Tutoring Platform

Admin panel may be one of the most under-appreciated feature in online tutoring platform. Generally tutors, while looking for tutoring platform, ask all kind of questions about all other aspects, but ignore admin panel.

What is Admin Panel

The admin panel is a special, password protected page in your site. You would need to it url/ link to access. This link is not present on the site. Admin panel will give you complete control of over your website.

Benefits of Admin Dashboard in Online Tutoring Platform

Having a great admin panel is one of the basic requirements to run your online tutoring. Ideally speaking admin panel should have number of tools to better manage your website. You will not be using all the tools on the daily basis, but once in a while you will be using all the tools.

Through admin interface you should be able to view number of registrations, number of logged in users, status of sessions, students, tutors, courses and requests. With these information, managing your online tutoring platform will be piece of cake.

Admin should have a dashboard where they can easily see the most important statistics from their marketplace: number of visitors, signups, listings, transactions, revenue, and so on. Currently this data is a bit buried in different views, like the list of members, the list of transactions, and google analytics. It would be convenient to have a single place to get a glimpse of the most important data.

myTutoring’s Powerful Admin Tools

Since myTutoring understands online tutoring business very well, we have developed very powerful admin tools. These tools will help you in managing day-to-day operations from our powerful yet simple admin dashboard. You will be able to do tasks like tutor management, session management, payment processing, data management, reporting, marketing, and communication. Everything to manage your tutoring business.


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