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Importance of Scheduling in Online Tutoring Platforms

Importance of Scheduling in Online Tutoring Platforms
Scheduling is very important feature for online tutoring platforms. With advent of personal assistants like Google Now and online calendars, everyone expects scheduling to be a standard feature. Therefore in this age, if you are not providing basic feature like scheduling and re-scheduling, then...

6 Things You Need to Know Before Creating Online Courses

things to know for online courses
In online education, if you want to scale, you should seriously think of online courses. In this article, we will share six points, you need to know before creating online courses. #1: If there is a similar online course, it’s a GOOD NEWS! You might think...

Reimagining Education- Bridging Gap Between Offline and Online

reimagining education
Is technology really required to improve education? Another question is to what extent do we need to use technology to educate students better? In good old days, teachers were the source of knowledge and facts. Google was not present at that time. Information was not available at click...

How to Build Interest and Find Students for Online Courses

How to Find Students for Online Tutoring
So you have done all the hard work to create an online course. Well, that is actually the easy part. Now you have the hard part of actively inspiring students to sign up for your course. Targeted marketing techniques must be used to attract students to...

Want to Tutor International Students? Here is Everything you Need to Know

Points to keep in mind for teaching international students
If you are a teacher, instructor or guide, the expansion of online education must have changed how you teach your students. As the whole world is using internet for variety of reasons, online teaching has become more exciting. It allows you to work from your home,...