Best Activity Ideas To Make Your Kid Keen & Strong


Picking up a hobby rather than glued to the gadgets can give them exposure to the outer world and help them to grow robustly. Hobbies give a child an opportunity to express their interest which parents need to catch; it can be done even at a very early age also. 

Children imitate adults, mostly parents and this can be helpful to imbibe some hobby at the start. You can start doing something which out of curiosity they too will imitate – Be it reading a book before sleep, be it watering plants, be it stamp collection, be it traveling with you to favorite spots on weekends.

A list of a few hobbies can be helpful for a child to grow strong, patient, creative and can broaden their vision:

1. Book reading

It’s an all-time favourite for most of the kids, because stories give them imagination and they create fantasies out of it. Book reading along with reading skills enhances their vocabulary and verbal skills. They read new words, learn them and use them. Give them a favourite comic while your kids commute instead of mobile to play games.

2. Drawing

Fun with colours never bores any child, they draw whatever they wish and colour it the way they want. Toddlers loving crayons usually grow up loving canvas paintings and you never know that an artist in making is already geared up for a colourful future.

3. Animal care

We need our kids to be strong but at the same time, we need them to grow kind. Taking care of animals/birds or volunteering shelter or food (water and feed) for them should be encouraged. This may influence them towards kindness and helpfulness.

4. Gardening

Love for mother nature is unending. Gardening is one of them. Appreciating and encouraging the child to plant is a boon to nature.

Let them play with mud and find joy and peace!

5. Cooking

Cooking, baking or even making a cup of tea or simple salad can be of great interest. It’s a lifetime skill that an individual requires to sustain without being dependent on others.Teach your kid fireless cooking at starting, they would definitely enjoy cooking and eating.

6. Sports

Sports, all the outdoor activities like cricket, throwball, swimming or skating all contribute towards the overall development of a child. It makes them physically strong and mentally sound.

7. Dancing

Dance is fun, it makes the child active, gives flexibility to the body and makes muscles healthier.

Dancers are known to be focused and disciplined. Due to high physical activities, they tend to have increased muscular strength and fitness.

8. Charity

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

As they say “charity begins at home”. It is the prime duty of parents to teach kids about being helpful to the needy.

These hobbies and activities will not only help them to grow efficient but they will discover their strengths. Let us encourage our children to do what they like and make them happy and strong!

Take Away

“Children must be taught how to think, not What to think” – Margaret Mead

All you have to do now is to introduce your kid to all the activities at least once and understand her/his interest and what they enjoy doing. Go ahead and start their after school activity classes and support them in their after- exam vacation or summer vacation activities.