Bilingual Online Culinary School Launched

Bilingual Online Culinary School Launched

myTutoring has recently commissioned bilingual for’s culinary learning school. Now culinary school is available in English and Spanish languages. Click here to visit FoodiBase’s Culinary School platform

About FoodiBase

FoodiBase is a social media based platform for foodies. It is a multilingual platform and currently caters to English, Spanish and Hindi languages. Apart from culinary school, it has sections like recipes, beverages, blog, Q&A, and groups.

Why Bilingual Online Tutoring Module?

FoodiBase had planned bilingual online culinary school website, because it is in line with the core objective of the concept of FoodiBase: a multilingual networking platform, connecting foodies across culinary, regional and linguistic categorisations. The bilingual model of the Culinary School allows both Spanish and English speakers to not only participate in their own language groups but also in the other language group. One could expand own culinary horizons as well as help others to discover own cuisines and regional culinary wonders.
How a bilingual website help in reaching target market better

How is multilingual online tutoring site better?

With a multilingual online tutoring platform, FoodiBase will truly become a social media platform for entire world, rather than for a particular geography. Since English and Spanish are two of the most widely spoken languages in the world, Foodibase can reach people from almost all countries in the world.

Srikanth Siram, founder and CEO of FoodiBase says, “A User from a South Asian country, who is not a Spanish speaker would be able to learn from an English speaking native of Latin America offering courses also in English along with Spanish. This sort of connectivity and culinary knowledge exchange could happen in both directions. Thus, we could efficiently reach and serve our Target Market.”

With a Bilingual set up, FoodiBase can develop three Culinary School markets, Spanish, English and Spanish – English interconnecting market. This would be the case as far as individual instructors are concerned. For the other segment of Service Providers, which is Institutional Instructors, their services will be limited to respective language market to a great extent, if not completely.

Main Features of Bilingual Online Culinary School

Following are the main features of online culinary school

  • Learners will be able to learn culinary arts from a vast range of culinary experts from across the world. Everything from discovery of instructor to teaching will be done online.
  • Trainers or cooking institutes will be able to create courses like french cooking in 15 days etc
  • Learners will be able to send specific requests, which will be sent to relevant trainers. If these trainers are interested, they will be bid for the request by sending their proposals to the learner. Later learner can choose one of the proposals.
  • Individual trainers and culinary institutes both can register to teach culinary arts

All this can be done in both languages, English and Spanish.

myTutoring not just helps its clients till the delivery, we take full responsibility of the product during its life cycle. Our technical and support teams are only one call or email away.

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