How does E-Tutoring leverage technology?

How does E-Tutoring leverage technology?

Technology is helping tutors and students in providing customised and personalised education.

As we all know, technology supports teachers to bring flexibility in their teaching. Similarly, to students, it enables learning for individualised learning. Students with special requirements are greatly benefitted by technology.


Technologies like mobile learning, online tutoring, learning through games and others are becoming commonplace for learning.

We see that e-learning and e-tutoring have leveraged technology to the fullest extent possible. While this may be true e-tutoring and online tutoring do have their fair share of challenges.

Education and the ways to impart it have changed a lot in last couple of decades. It won’t be wrong to say, students have led the change. This has forced teachers to mend their ways. Even with all these technological changes, the importance of a tutor in a student’s life has not declined. Technology has helped tutors to improve their efficiency and deliverability. Now technology is being used in each silo of education, from planning and course material creation to exam conducting and giving feedback. Still the optimal way to use technology in education is still yet to be defined.

Still the most path breaking technological solution is no doubtably online tutoring. Here a tutor can create a friendly and social Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to motivate and engage the students. In online education, the feeling of isolation in any individual student can come up. Here the tutor has to play a significant role in engaging the students through discussion, and regular Q&A sessions. No matter how much technology has evolved, still there is no alternative to personalised attention.

Tutors who want to tutor online have two options to do so. First is to get himself/ herself familiarised with various online tools and applications including learning management systems (LMS) like blackboard and Moodle, and content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla. In addition, tutor also has to set up payment gateway to collect payment from the students.

Second option for tutors is to get smart online tutoring platform, like mytutoring. myTutoring’s smart online tutoring platform provides everything a tutor needs for one-to-one and one-to-many online tutoring. 

Best part of this online tutoring platform is that it is not at all expensive. It can be made available to you in matter of days.

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