Early Confidence Sets a Child Up For Later Success


1. Provides non-judgmental learning

We know that children are often too nervous to put their hand up in class to admit they don’t know something in front of their peers.Great tutors ooze warmth and empathy and work hard to create pressure-free learning environments where kids feel comfortable to ask questions without fear of being judged. And with every question asked, their confidence grows, developing a strong sense of competence they’ll carry into the classroom.

2. Improves academic performance

As much as they may try, teachers just don’t have the time or resources to cater to every student’s individual learning needs, and many kids get left behind academically. Private tutors know that every child is different and faces unique learning challenges. They spend time working with their students to unearth specific problem areas and tailor their sessions accordingly. When students are armed with the tools and knowledge they need to tackle the tough topics, they can face every test and exam with confidence.

3. Encourages belief in abilities

There is a real value in adults, beyond parents and teachers—providing kids with the encouragement and support they need to grow. As parents, we are programmed to take on the role of cheer squad when it comes to our children’s success, and though important, praise can often be more beneficial when it’s from an outsider. When a child’s tutor, who is intimately familiar with their struggles and frustrations—believes in them, they start to believe in themselves more too.

4. Improves attitude towards learning

When learning is fun, kids want to do it more; it’s that simple. Plus, enjoyable experiences increase dopamine, endorphins, and oxygen in the body—all good things that promote learning. Whether the fun comes from a tutor creating new and unique ways to teach the same content or through constant encouragement and praise, enjoyable tutoring sessions can help kids feel less overwhelmed and frustrated with schoolwork.

5. Transforms failures into confidence builders

Failure can send even the most confident adult into a downward spiral of fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt; imagine its effect on a child. A great tutor strives to create a safe space for their students to acknowledge their fears and failures to make them a part of their learning journey. Because when kids feel safe, they aren’t as concerned with making mistakes. This is what allows them to thrive.

If your child could use a heavy dose of confidence, engaging a private tutor could be a game-changer.