How can I find Students in Highly Competitive Online Tutoring Market?

how to find students for online tutoring

Competition in online education in general and online tutoring in particular has been increasing every year. As more education giants are entering in this industry, the competition can be intimidating. It should affect your planning, from pricing to promotion, but should not discourage you.

Unlike many other industries, online tutoring has still not become a commodity, that means it is easy to differentiate yourself from your competition. Only thing you need to ensure is that your student should end the session with satisfaction.

Now question many people ask is, how I can build online tutoring business and find students when there are 10 other companies offering same services at lower prices and have more marketing budget than me? Is it even possible to stand out in a crowded marketplace?

Finding students is always going to be critical. There are many ways to do it, from social media marketing, paid ads to SEO to giving away discount coupons. However, what you should be thinking is how to enter the market, specifically when there is lot of competition for online tutoring. When students have many options, how will you convince them to choose you.

Research your competitors and their offerings

Having high competition also means that you have a good starting point to do a solid competitive research and refine your offering. You can talk with your perspective students and understand their pain points.

Build a competitive advantage

Other online tutoring institutes offerings will help you to understand what they offer. It will also help you identify the gaps in the market and how your services can fill those gaps. You can leverage this crucial information to test and iterate your services until they truly rectify the pain points of the students.

Testing online tutoring services on a sample audience

It is one thing to say yourself that this particular service solves all the problems my students are facing. While hearing the same from your students is quite different. Therefore, testing like that is a big advantage before you finally launch your services to students.

Get your tutoring services before students’ eyes

You have got a great online tutoring product, and you are confident it fills a gap in the market. Now it is time to get this product before your students. This part is crucial for overall success. You don’t need to just say that your tutoring services are better than the ones in the market, but you also need to show the same to the students and their parents.

You might have to give discount coupons so that students start trying your services. Discount coupons help overcoming initial hesitancy of the students and reduce entry barriers for you. It is like saying, we’re confident you’ll love studying from us and likely come back to study more.


I am sure there are many other ways also to find students in a competitive online tutoring market. However, in this article we are restricting our discussion to this list only.

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