How to tutor online: Step-by-step guide for online tutors

How to tutor online

Online tutoring is a profitable business. This industry is growing rapidly with advent of technology and wide spread usage of internet and laptops and smartphones. Parents and students are comfortable visiting online tutoring websites for their personalised learning requirements.

Life of an online tutor is full of fun and rewards (intellectually and financially). They get to work with students from varied cultural backgrounds and geographic areas. Through one-on-one sessions, they help students to achieve to their full potential.

As per our experience, once a tutor understands benefits of online tutoring, it is more about where to start rather than if I have to start. For most potential tutors, the first question is “Where do I start?”.

If you are one of the perspective online tutors, the points given below will help you in getting started.

Requirement to become an online tutor

Generally, online tutors are professional teachers and subject-area experts. Having one of these in your credential list helps student to trust you as a tutor:

  • Teaching certification or teaching experience
  • Masters degree or PhD
  • Subject specific certification

Although these requirements are not rigid, but having these certainly helps in getting attention and trust of students and parents. Having said that, exceptions are always there with respect to requirements.

About Online Tutoring Students

The majority of online tutoring students are middle and high school students or ones who are preparing for SAT, GRE etc exams. These students need help in math, sciences, and English. Apart from these, some tutors also teach students for technologies, college admission process, mentoring, career counseling, etc.

How to become an online tutor and start tutoring

Following is the standard process to become an online tutor. This is a standard process, and may vary for different online tutoring companies.

  • Apply as an online tutor in a good online tutoring company
    This is a very standard process. You need to fill the online form stating your credentials, basic bio information, profile photo, tutoring preferences etc. Some companies also ask for certificates, proof of education, and ID.
  • Verification and approval of profile
    The company’s support team verifies and approves your profile. Some companies also do a criminal record check of your profile as well. After this your profile will be made public to the students.
  • Get familiar with the online collaboration tools
    In all major online tutoring companies, support team walks through all the incoming tutors with the entire platform. This is good practice especially for new tutors, who don’t have much experience in online teaching. It is advisable for tutors of subjects like math and science to have digital writing pen and pad. This will help in better communication with students.
  • Start tutoring
    Based on business model of your tutoring company, you will now start tutoring and earning money.

How to tutor online

Today’s online tutoring classrooms have all the tools required for hosting one-to-one or one-to-many tutoring session. In these sessions, you can do following-

  • Face-to-face video conferencing
  • Speak to each other with high-quality voice
  • Write, type, erase and draw in different colours on digital whiteboard
  • Text chat via instant messaging
  • Upload and share files
  • Edit text in real time with other person seeing what you are doing
  • Accessible from all devices

Most tutoring companies give a demo link to try whiteboard link. It is advisable that you should go through all the features of whiteboard in detail before taking your first tutoring session.

How to attract more students

Once your online tutor profile is approved, and you have few experience of few online sessions, you need to do following things in order to attract more students to book more sessions with you:

  • Update your profile and think of what your potential customers ie students want to hear from you. Add video message in your profile. This adds far more value than simple text profile
  • Ask your students to give you ratings and reviews on your tutoring profile. Best way would be ask your students to rate you just after the session. The more and better reviews and ratings you have, the better are your chances to appear in first page.
  • Availability is big issue for most students. If your available timings do not match with the students, they will not book sessions with you. Always keep in mind time zone of your potential students.
  • Always respond to the session requests quickly. In case you receive message from any enquiring student, be helpful to him/ her.

We hope this small guide was helpful to you in understanding online tutoring.


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