Importance of Virtual Classroom Tools in Online Tutoring

Virtual Classroom Tools in online tutoring

In Online tutoring, Virtual Classroom Tools are the most important tools because you can not conduct online tutoring session with these tools. Virtual classroom tools define the student teaching experience. Therefore it is very important to have very good whiteboard and collaboration tools.

Virtual classroom tools are also called collaboration tools. They not only make work easier for tutors but also for students to collaborate ideas to the level of creativity. Collaboration tools play an important role in face-to-face tutoring to online tutoring. The ability to communicate during the online tutoring session is very important for increasing student’s comfort and understanding.

Your online tutoring platform should allow students and tutors to easy communicate with each online, share content anytime and upload files documents images and other resources. All these come under virtual classroom tools section. All the tutoring softwares in the market have these basic features and more.

What are Virtual Classroom Features Tools in Online Tutoring

Different features in Virtual Classroom are

  • Online platform that can be accessed by any web browser. No installation required.
  • Compatibility with all kind of devices PC, Mac, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Compatibility with all kind of files like Pdf, PowerPoint, Documents, Images, Videos, etc
  • Different communication tools – audio-video conferencing, text messaging, whiteboard, screen sharing etc.
  • Feature to save virtual classroom discussion in video and whiteboard pdf formats.
  • Contextual discussion forums, question and answer format.

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Importance of Having Great Virtual Classroom Tools

Having great collaboration tools, will give you an overwhelming good return on your investment. Good collaboration tools provide the opportunity for teachers and students to have the perfect classroom atmosphere online. This should be almost like sitting right next to each other physically. This only will lead to more repeat sessions.

Since in online tutoring, student and teacher are separated by time and space. Having a feel of actual classroom is very important. As the technology has evolved, the distinction between online and offline has come down.

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Points to take in to Account in Choosing Virtual Classroom Tools

You should take take following points in account while choosing the right Virtual classroom for your tutoring establishment

  • If it can fit in your tutoring website
  • how much does it cost in owning and operating
  • If some technical changes are required, how and where you will get them
  • Does it work in all devices and in all bandwidths
  • Does your Virtual Classroom work in China, the biggest online tutoring market in the world
  • Does your Virtual Classroom allow you to have multiple classes simultaneously
  • Does your virtual classroom allow you to record the sessions
  • Does your virtual classroom allow you to annotate on study material
  • What all types of files are allowed to shared in the session

How to Choose the Right Virtual Classroom Tools for Online Tutoring

Before choosing the vendor for collaboration tools, I would recommend to have a proper demonstration of the proposed product. You should not just look for what you need right now but also take a holistic long term view of the requirements. I would recommend you to not just look at one feature but the overall offering. Many companies have one very popular feature but their overall offering does not solve your entire problem.

Ideally speaking, you should look for a one stop solution, where issues like discoverability, scheduling, payment, collaboration and analytics is solved in one go.


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