Importance of Scheduling in Online Tutoring Platforms

Importance of Scheduling in Online Tutoring Platforms

Scheduling is very important feature for online tutoring platforms. With advent of personal assistants like Google Now and online calendars, everyone expects scheduling to be a standard feature. Therefore in this age, if you are not providing basic feature like scheduling and re-scheduling, then it puts your online platform at a disadvantage.

Example of Scheduling

Problem when not having scheduling

Let us say, Lisa is a online SAT tutor. She has a tutoring website, but this website does not have scheduling feature. As a result, her potential students are not aware of her availability on any particular day. They have to either call her directly or mail her. Sometimes because of being busy elsewhere, she misses calls. Replying mails also has time lag. Since she is not such a big tutor, she can not afford a secretary. As a result, Lisa misses many customers.

How will Scheduling feature help

Let us say, Lisa is using an online tutoring platform, that has online scheduling facility. Using this feature, she can first indicate her availability on each day of the week. Example- on Monday, she is available for tutoring between 3 and 6 pm. On Tuesday, she is available between 5 and 8 pm and so on. Otherwise, she can repeat her one day’s schedule to all seven days of the week.

Later when a potential student visits her website, he can see when Lisa is available for tutoring. Let us say, he wants to schedule the tutoring session between 3 and 5 pm on Monday. If Lisa already has a tutoring session during that time period, then scheduling feature will not allow session booking. Thus student will know exactly when Lisa is free for online tutoring.

Let us take another case. This time student has booked an online session for Monday 3-5pm. But later, Lisa realises that she has another important appointment elsewhere. Using scheduling feature, she can easily reschedule or cancel the session.

Since Lisa is using scheduling feature, automatic email notification and text message will be sent just before the session. This will remind the student of the impending session.


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