Importance of SEO Functionality in Your Online Tutoring Platform

Importance of SEO in Online Tutoring

It is no brainer that your online tutoring platform should be search engine friendly. Ranking in search engines are the best and easiest way to reach your target audience.

Why is SEO Important

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are first step for vast majority of the internet users to find the relevant information, before making the buying decision. If you can reach the target audience at this point, you can influence them and make your product as one of the options to consider.

According to an internet research published recently, more than 70 per cent people research online at least once before making deciding to spend the money.

Search engines like Google have specified certain guidelines, which one has to follow, in order to be easily crawled and indexed on these engines. These guidelines will even improve the user experience. Therefore, spending time on optimising your website as per the requirements actually makes sense.

How will SEO help in Online Tutoring

With little tweaks, you can make your online tutoring portal rank in Google search results. Thus reach your target audience. One of the big misconceptions is that better things can be achieved through paid advertisements like Google PPC. Through Google PPC you can reach your students faster. But you have to pay every time you are starting some course or want students to enrol. That is why, this approach is very expensive.

In contrast, if you take SEO route, it will cost you far less. It will take time, generally 2-3 months, to get results.

SEO Solution for Online Tutoring Platform

We understand that SEO is not area of expertise and you need a very easy to use solution for taking care of your SEO requirements. That is why myTutoring Online Tutoring platform has specific section to add meta details like description, page title, keywords etc easily. Using this feature, anyone with no experience can add meta details of any page very easily.

In addition, myTutoring also provides digital marketing consulting services to its clients. Here our digital marketing experts help tutors like you in setting online tutoring platform and explain each and every thing in detail, so that you don’t have to hire any external agency for SEO related work.

Book a free demo session so that you can see the SEO section and other features of myTutoring online tutoring platform now