Online Culinary School Launched

Online Culinary School

myTutoring has recently commissioned an online tutoring platform for for online culinary school. Click here to visit Foodibase’s Culinary School platform

Background of Foodibase

Foodibase is a social media based network for foodies. It is a multilingual global networking platform for foodies. It has sections like recipes, beverages, blog, Q&A, and groups.

Need for Online Culinary School

As Foodibase wants to be one stop solution for all the foodies, starting culinary school was a logical enhancement to their current product lineup. Following were Foodibase requirements from online culinary platform-

  • Chefs should be able to teach students new recipes/ beverages or help them in getting perfection in something they already know.
  • Chefs should be able to teach multiple students from multiple geo-locations at same time
  • Chefs should be able to create course of multiple sessions to teach different types of foods like Thai or Italian food
  • Unlike online tutoring, online culinary school does not require whiteboard, however video feed has to be more prominent.
  • Students should be able to post their culinary learning requirements, which appropriate chefs should be able to respond
  • Students and chefs should only login through, no separate login for culinary school module
  • Since Foodibase is a global platform, time zone shown in the platform should be as per the user’s geo-location

myTutoring’s Requirement Gathering

Keeping in mind Foodibase’s requirements, our team gathered their requirements by using different test cases and every aspect with respect to online culinary school like collaboration tools, payment, scheduling, courses etc. Since many of the users would prefer smart phones rather than laptops, we had to make sure that the feed should be seamless in all devices. We also had to take care of quality of audio and video feed with respect to various types of internet connections.

myTutoring’s Delivery

After gathering all the requirements, our team customised our tutoring platform and delivered the online culinary school platform. Later we helped them in getting started.

myTutoring not just helps its clients till the delivery, we take full responsibility of the product during its life cycle. Our technical and support teams are only one call or email away.

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