Online Learning – Putting Learners in Driving Seat


Role of online learning is increasing in learning and development. In 2017, $70 billion were spent on training and development in the U.S.A. With that much money on the table, more and more edutech companies are bringing innovative product for learning and development.

Why is Online Learning the right way for L&D

  • Traditional learning methods are not applicable for today’s learners
  • Technology is making older learning practices obsolete
  • Training costs drastically reduce, and learning efficacy increase with online learning

Learners in Driving Seat

Technological advances in education industry have learning a vastly personalised and transformed experience, putting learner in driving seat

  1. Platforms– MOOCs (massive open online courses) by companies likethe Khan Academy, Coursera, Udacity, LinkedIn Learning, edX, Udemy etc, and Ivy League schools such as Harvard, M.I.T., Stanford, Princeton, etc give learners adequate options to study overcoming traditional hurdles to learning— income, status and location. Anyone with passion and commitment can learn.
  2. Software– With options like instructional podcasts, webcasts, slideshares, gamified learning apps, virtual reality experiences, learning style has been forever changed. Social networking platforms let you connect you with similar learning community.
  3. Devices– With variety of devices in hands of every learner, they are learning as per their convenience. This liberated learning landscape encourages learners to learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.

The Changed Game

The above mentioned parameters have changed how we view education. All aspects have changed from children education to skill upgradation. Having said that, we are only the starting point of future learning technology. In next few years, Artificial intelligence (AI) will transform all aspects of education.

The new reality is that many aspects of future jobs will be very different from current jobs. Two main implications will be

  • AI bot will be used to store and access the data. Humans will no longer be required to be stock of the knowledge
  • Human job will shift from knowledge acquisition to knowledge application

Therefore technology-enabled learning is very important for the learners to remain relevant. Consider this:

  • Customised learning material delivered to you as and when you want them
  • AI powered chatbots and virtual assistants to help you in better learning and understanding the concepts
  • Augmented and virtual reality simulations to accelerate learning

In addition, social media connectivity allows users to learn from other similar learners’ experiences. Such learning and user-generated content has already outpaced traditional education content.

It will not be wrong to say that, online learning has made learning easier. Similarly it has become more engaging, easy to digest and access. But it is only the starting point. The real change is coming in what we will learn. That should free us up to directing human ingenuity to its application.

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