Customised Learning through Online Tutoring

Customised Learning through Online Tutoring

Traditional online tutoring platforms work on e-commerce platforms model. Here these platforms list the tutor profiles and students come and book the sessions with the tutors they want to. However there is one big problem here. In e-commerce platforms like Amazon, the users’ requirements are very standard and no customisation is required. This is not the case with online tutoring. Here every child’s requirements is different from others. That is why, you need a different approach.

Customised Learning through Online Tutoring

Every student is different, so is his/ her learning requirements. Thus it makes no sense to provide standardised education solution. The solution provided to students should be such that it can be moulded to his/ her learning requirements.

myTutoring is the first elearning company in the world to provide customised online tutoring solution. Using our Post Request feature, you can ask students to decide what they want to learn and how.

A learning at student’s pace and comfort. With no restrictions from your side

About Post Request Feature

Unique point about Post Request feature of myTutoring is that here student decides everything, and tutor has to fit in the bill. Using this feature a student can tell you what he/ she wants to learn, when, how and why. Accordingly using our proprietary algorithm, the software sends request to few most suited tutors, asking them to bid for the request. Now these tutors will compete among themselves for the student’s request. Now the ball is in student’s court. He/ she can either choose one of the bids or ask for more bids. This can go on till he/ she finds the right tutor.

Best part is that this whole process can be automated, i.e. without any human intervention. But if you want you can have your support staff to man the process as well.


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