Online Tutoring- An Industry Analysis

Online Tutoring- An Industry Analysis

As the technology advances are reaching in each and every aspect of life, online tuitions have gone through tremendous change. The change was fuelled by online tools like Skype, Paypal and interactive whiteboards. These changes made location of tutors irrelevant for teaching. Continuing the same advancement, myTutoring has introduced a complete one stop solution for online teaching. Using this platform any tutor or tutoring agency can start teaching in very short span of time and with minimal investment.

Online tutoring industry

Most of the online tutoring companies now derive 20-30% of their income from online tutoring. Due to online tutoring, tutoring overseas students has become possible and is turning out to be highly profitable. In developed countries, online tutoring is also providing answer to teacher shortages.

As this industry is becoming more and more attractive, many school teachers are leaving their full time teaching profession to become online tutor. Tutoring is not so high pressure job as classroom teaching in schools. It has been found that private 1-to-1 tuition are more effective than classroom teaching. However, knowledge is only aspect of the teaching, other aspects like group collaboration and social skills can only be learnt in schools. So although, tutoring will not replace classroom teaching, but at least it will enrich the educational landscape.

Teachers and tutors have to co-exist for the benefit of learners. Many countries are facing shortage of teachers in certain subjects, or location or at some level of study. Reason for that is finding sufficient number of good teachers. Here online tutoring can help in easing the pain. Using online tutoring, students from any part of globe can study from the best quality teacher. This is a highly cost effective solution, which is made possible due to advancement in technology.

Online tutoring- a global phenomenon

Private tutoring is expanding in almost all countries, irrespective of their location, economic development, language, and size. In certain cases, like South Korea, Turkey and India, it has either touched the formal education spending or exceeded it. Newly opened countries of former Soviet Union are seeing drastic increase in private tutors.

Online tutoring- a cultural change

As technology is reaching nooks and corners of the globe, even the distant small towns are becoming cosmopolitan. So the demand of quality education has increased. Students and their parents do not want to be at disadvantage due to their geography. They want the best education in the world. A good example of this is emergence of Cambridge IGCSE. It is now being studied in 145 countries.

Over last few years, the acceptability of online tutoring has increased. This is partially due to higher broadband speeds and more importantly, children and their parents are comfortable being online. The electronic devices are now better in security, usage and portability.

Online tutoring- market

According to a research and published last year, The Sutton Trust said that: ‘ the private tuition industry is booming, with the proportion of pupils paying for a tutor to help with school work or grammar school entrance exams up by a third – a proportion that looks set to rise as the government considers plans to extend selective education.’ The market is growing at a healthy 30% year on year. Another important part here is that roughly half of the market comprises of adults instead of children. Adults work on improving their professional skills.

Overall the market is very competitive. Since barriers of entry are low, more and more people are opting for self employment or part time business to supplement their existing income. Most are able to make decent money out of it. The market is highly fragmented, even the biggest players do not have more than market share in double digit.


As evident from the article, online tutoring is the segment every teaching professional should get into. It is low risk, high rewards segment. Through myTutoring, we are empowering private tutors and tutoring institutes to come online by providing easy to use and best in class solution.

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