myTutoring helps Private Tutors in Expanding their Business

myTutoring helps Private Tutors in Expanding their Business

Private tutoring is mostly unorganised sector all over the world. That means, they don’t have much resources and money muscle power at their disposal to expand their tutoring business. To help the tutors, myTutoring has brought the smart online tutoring platform. With this one-stop online tutoring solution, private tutors can have the same technology and resources as the biggest players in the industry and compete them head on.

Problems faced by Private Tutors

Following are the main inefficiencies and pain points in private tutors’ business operation. Due to these problem, they are not able to expand their business

  • Limited reach– Private tutors are limited to their local geography. Their reliance on internet is very limited
  • Constrained Discovery– To meet new students, private tutors rely on referrals from friends and family and word of mouth from previous or existing students.
  • Inefficient Scheduling– To schedule sessions with students, private tutors rely on emails and phone calls. In an age when one can book airline tickets instantaneously, students and parents have to wait for hours or days to book tutoring sessions with the teacher.
  • Feeble Payment– Private tutors still mostly take cash or use payment methods like Paypal to collect the payments for tutoring.
  • Unfit Collaboration– Private tutors teach either in person or use online tools like Skype, WebEx. Face-to-face tutoring has its own obvious limitations. Online tools like Skype and Webex are made for video calling and online meetings and presentations respectively. One can’t properly teach using them.

myTutoring’s Online Tutoring Solution

myTutoring offers online tutoring solution which helps tutors to have seamless transition to online tutoring. In short, this solution is a website, which tutors can use to conduct their tutoring session. It is one stop solution to all tutoring requirements. Here are the main benefits of this platform for private tutors

  • Global Reach– myTutoring’s tutoring solution provides private tutors their own branding tool. Using this solution, tutors can reach out to any student in any part of the world.
  • Smart Discovery– With myTutoring’s tutoring solution, even single tutors will have same chances of being discovered as the biggest players in the industry. So it is kind of level playing field for smaller players in the market.
  • Efficient Scheduling– This tutoring platform has same scheduling features as the best websites/ apps in the world. It schedules the tutoring sessions, as per the predefined tutor’s timings and student’s requirements.
  • Seamless Payment– This tutoring platform has inbuilt payment gateway. This means that your platform will have same facilities/ features to collect payments as your users have been seeing with the best over the internet.
  • Integrated Payment– Now no need to go to coffee shop or even Skype to conduct tutoring sessions. You can conduct them in your online tutoring platform using this platform. Only thing you need is laptop and internet connection. You will get digital whiteboard, screen sharing and audio/ video/ text communication facilities.

Best part of this online tutoring platform is that it is not at all expensive. It can be made available to you in matter of days.

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