8 Qualities to Become Great Online Math Tutor

how to become great math tutor

Online tutoring is more popular now than ever before. The most popular subject in online tutoring is Math. Number of students seeking online math tutor has increased more 50% in last five years.

Since quality Math tutors are difficult to find and quite expensive, parents prefer online math tutors. Students from all countries, without any exceptions, face problems in Math and they look for online math tutors. Given flexibility of online tutoring and ease of modern technology, more and more parents prefer online math tutoring over face-to-face tutoring.

However online math tutoring is very different from traditional face-to-face or in-person math tutoring. The tutor has to adapt his/ her tutoring style to match the requirements of online students. Here I am giving few tips to help you in becoming the best online math tutor.

8 Tips to Become Great Online Math Tutor

Be Math Expert & have Knowledge of all Relevant Topics

When someone is looking for an online math tutor, it is obvious that he/ she is looking for a math expert. Depending on what grade or skill level you tutor, you are also expected to know the specific area as well. That will include all the important topics and questions for that grade or exam. That will address your student’s immediate problems. You need to demonstrate in the first class with the student.

Ability to Assess Student’s Needs

You want to be the tutor who initially takes time to initially assess student’s level and then personalise tutoring accordingly. As you interact with the student, you should provide thoughtful insights on his/ her strengths and shortcomings. These meaningful insights provide maximum benefit to the student and ensures that they book sessions again and again with you.

Passion for Math

It is easy to know math, but it is very difficult to be passionate about math. While you are doing online math tutoring, this will make a big difference in how much your student learns. Only when you are passionate about math, you will keep yourself updated with latest trends and teaching styles. Your passion for math is reflected in your tone and body language and student can clearly that on their screen.

A passionate math tutor will know and use multiple strategies to teach the same math concept.

Good Reputation

Most parents check the internet profile of the online math tutor to work with. They just want to make sure that the tutor have a good reputation online in general and as a tutor. That is why, it is good to have your own customised tutoring website. Here you can add your students’ and their parents’ testimonials. Similarly you should also have a Facebook page or other social listing where others can see the reviews.

High Level of Professionalism

Be sure to conduct yourself as a professional. You should look, speak and write like a professional. You should start your online math tutoring sessions on time. You should provide pre-class readings to your students. After the session, you should send the session recording and assignment based on what you have taught in the class.


Students take time in understanding math concepts. That is the reason they are coming for online math tutoring sessions. Knowing that their tutor is patient enough is a good thing. The students will not feel hesitant in asking questions and doubts, no matter how silly they might seem to them. You need to maintain your calm and explain the concepts and problems in methodical manner, even when you are explaining the same thing 10th time.

Positivity & Encouragement

Everyone of us struggle in one thing or other. Same thing happens with your students as well. They feel bad when they are not able to figure certain concept or math problem. Therefore as an online math tutor, it is your job to encourage them and make them feel positive. With proper confidence, they will be able to solve all the required math problems.


I think this is the most important quality for being a great online math tutor. This quality differentiates a good math tutor from great math tutor.

When your student makes same mistake again and again or is not able to grasp a specific concept, you need to have persistence to encourage them and make them realise their mistake.

I hope these points will give you some idea of what to do to have a successful online math tutor as career. Feel free to add your comments and queries in the comment section below.

I wish you good luck in your tutoring career.

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