9 Reasons Why IT Trainers Should Choose Live Online Tutoring

9 Reasons Why IT Trainers Should Choose Live Online Tutoring

We have seen IT trainers mostly teach students from physical/ offline location. Practically no one is teaching IT skills using live tutoring to reach out to perspective students. Here are 9 reasons why you should start live online tutoring for software skills like programming, designing etc.

  1. It is cheaper- Starting your live online software training academy is far easier and cheaper than opening the same at an offline location
  2. Reach global audience- Unlike physical academy, where only students from near by locations can come to your centre, your online academy will attract students from all over world
  3. IT Students are early adapters– Students of software courses are usually early adapters of the latest technologies. So you don’t have to worry about your audience not liking online live classes as compared to offline classes
  4. Be cool and techy- Software learners always appreciate when you are using latest cutting edge technology which is not being used anywhere else. By using live tutoring, you can be “cool and techy”
  5. Easier to teach and record- When you are teaching complex software skills to your students, you might want to teach in the easiest way. At the same time, you also might want to provide your students live recorded sessions for their future reference. All this is possible in live online tutoring
  6. Easy to share study material- At the end or beginning of the class/ session, you might want to share some study notes with your students, or even while you are teaching them. It is far easier to do the same in online tutoring platform than anything else
  7. Easier to interact- Generally in a class, if students start speaking simultaneously, it becomes a fish market. However in online class, the trainer has option to mute selected students and allow only the ones, whom he/ she wants to speak. This makes class easier to maintain. At the same time, students have option to interacting through text messages
  8. Teach from anywhere and anytime- If you are teaching from a physical location, you have to come to your centre to teach your students. You can’t take vacations. You can’t go on family holidays. But if you are live tutoring your students, you don’t have to worry. You can teach your students from anywhere in the world, provided it has internet connection.
  9. No competition- Currently very few people are actually doing live online tutoring. So if you are early adapters, you have a chance to become pioneer in the field.


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