Reimagining Education- Bridging Gap Between Offline and Online

reimagining education

Is technology really required to improve education? Another question is to what extent do we need to use technology to educate students better?

In good old days, teachers were the source of knowledge and facts. Google was not present at that time. Information was not available at click of mouse or touch. This teacher centric education made teacher’s word as the last word on any topic. With arrival of internet and the abundance of information online, any one can access information from comfort of their homes.

It is not that one field of the education is being affected by the technology. Every form of education, like school education, college and higher education, technical education, mentoring, personality development etc are getting changed thanks to technology.

Scope of technology in Education

Is technology replacing traditional classroom with computer? Or will we see online and offline modes of education complementing each other?

In truth, technology has not been optimized for every aspect of education. At the same time, no one can claim that online education is superior than the offline. Technology, at best, can act as enabler rather than a stand-alone proposition for education. Online education has potential to improve education delivery. However in some cases, online works better for today’s learners, people who are very much comfortable with technology.

Back To Basics: What’s The Goal?

Any education can be divided in three main aspects:

  • Connected Learning- Peer-to-peer or instructor led learning. This is basically start of learning process
  • Digital Learning- earlier this used to happen from books, now mostly through content based websites. It is next level of learning
  • Deeper Learning- This is advanced level of learning. Mostly done through scientific journals.

Current technological solutions have answer to all three formats of learnings. First two are the main driving force in any learning. That is why, money is made there and most of the technological resources are allocated.

In the near future, school assessment practices need to inspire redesigned educational experiences. This has to happen both inside and outside school. This is where the real reimagining of education will happen.

5 Elements Online Learning Needs to Have

The future online educators need a solution that focuses on the students. Questions like what they want, how they behave and what they can contribute, should decide the learning solution. Following are the main elements that online learning solution must have-

1. It should be fun

If your students don’t enjoy the learning, they will not learn. At best, they will forget it very soon. There are many other more engaging things that they would prefer doing. So your e-learning solution should be powerful enough that teacher and students can have both serious and fun time.

2. It needs to be simple to change

Every student is different. You can not expect two students to have same learning capabilities. That is why, if you are going in a e-learning classroom with a preconceived notion and are not able to change the narrative as required by the student, then that is recipe of disaster.

3. It needs to be mobile

Your students are more comfortable on mobile devices than PCs. That is why, if you are not teaching on a mobile device, higher chances are that your students are not going to stick with you.

4. It needs to be perfect every time

In an earlier times, teachers used to act like marketers. They were more focused on hooking a student’s attention and driving him/ her towards a conversion. Whatever happens after conversion was not that much of concern. We believe in future, conversion will be just the starting point. Overall student’s experience is going to define success or failure of you as an educator. That is why your online learning platform should be robust and tried and tested to deliver a consistent performance every time.

5. It Needs To Be Social

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc have proven that being social means more attention from youngsters ie. your target audience. A truly effective online learning solution should have a social element so that the informal learning can happen. So how can you, an educator, be more social. Your courses and programmes should have review mechanism, that students and their parents can view reviews from other students. Your platform should have text, audio and video messaging features.


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