Strategies to reduce attrition in online courses

attrition in online course

Tips to increase online course completion rate

With the emergence of new technological methods and devices, online education is gaining prominence with every passing day. Students across the world prefer this medium of education where they can sit from the comforts of their home and learn something as per their requirement. Opting for a suitable online course is something not difficult, but the problem lies in the fact that majority of the students do not complete the course. They tend to drop out midways.

According to recent studies, in the year 2014, about 5.8 million students enrolled in one online course. From the year 2013, there has been a significant increase in this number by 3.7. Studies also reveal that about 30-65% of students tend to drop out from the course before it is completed. Improving course completion rates is something not difficult. Certain strategies that would help one to improve course completion rate are as follows-

Break down the online course in a step-by-step manner

The preliminary thing that you need to do is to break down your course in smaller chunks so that it is easily understood by the students. Students must be able to relate and identify their learning level in the course and how close they are to the completion rate. A clearly defined course will help a student to work hard towards completing it.

Establishing a good relationship with your learners

The digital world moves at a fast pace, so try to establish a good rapport with learners from the very beginning. Go for mediums like chat or video that would help you to get to know your learners very well. Learn to know what your learner wants and try to remember their names for better communication.

Follow the FOMO (Fear of missing out) approach

You can ask your students to share the results of the online program as they are getting along with the course. Students who are lagging behind are more likely to get motivated when they see what their peers are getting on completion of the program. This will be enough to motivate them for competing the course within a due time. Encourage students to share their results that can be viewed by the entire database of students.

Identify where your learners face difficulties

It is very important for you to figure out the areas where your learners struggle. Trying to solve those areas will help the learner for successful completion of the course. A weekly video chat, doubt clearing sessions and supplementary study material can help the learners to overcome this problem.

Create an interactive learning community

Often learners tend to feel isolated and demotivated while they are pursuing their online course. Encourage learners to participate in group activities and create a learning environment where they can interact with each other. Sharing ideas with each other in virtual communities can help one to finish the course successfully.

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Strive for student feedback

Student feedback and surveys are very important for improving areas in the online course. Asking the students what they like or dislike about the course, what topics would they like to discuss for the next class or what changes they are seeking in the course can help you to keep your students engaged and also improve your online course at the same time.
To summarise, it can be said that a proper plan of the course, constant interaction with your students through proper channels and encouraging students to be more interactive can help the learners for successful completion of the course.

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