The Importance Of Personalized Learning


Learning is a very personal and unique experience for everyone. The moment it becomes useful is when the learning sticks and becomes a tool that we internalize. These personalized learning moments are hard to predict, but we can do our best as teachers to set our learners up for them. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the other reasons why students need personalized learning experiences:

Helps To Reach Success

Personalized learning develops such skills consistently, aligned to rigorous college-and-career- ready standards. Thus, it deserves a strong presence in modern classrooms. 

Personalized learning is favored over traditional learning methods because it encourages students to speak up and express their interests, giving them a voice and a choice in their educational journey, thus teaching self-advocacy skills. 

In this way, it increases the chances of each student having the knowledge, skills and mindsets they need to be successful and to lead prosperous lives.

Easily Customized 

Personalized learning is that students design their own learning pathways based on their interests and the methods that best suit their needs.

For instance, a student may partake in small groups, independent learning or one-on-one tutoring to master a particular skill or subject. Of course, this results in each student’s schedule looking unique.

In addition, schools may use flexible learning environments to customize the learning approach, such as the physical set-up of classrooms. With flexible seating, the classroom is focused on the student’s choice and comfort of seating. The goal is to make students feel at home and comfortable by using various seating objects, such as couches, rugs, folding chairs, desks and bean bag chairs.

Pacing is Easy

Most students will utilize a variety of approaches to their learning. However, to maximize a student’s learning potential, each student’s strengths and interests must be identified. 

Within a personalized learning model, each student has an individual up-to-date learner profile created. It records each student’s strengths, needs, goals and progress. Setting short- and long-term goals helps students take ownership of their learning experience. 

Monitoring student profiles ensures that struggling students receive help sooner rather than later when falling behind. Teachers can quickly assess and identify areas where a learning method or goal needs to be modified. 

Incorporate Collaboration

Teachers understand their learners need to possess specific knowledge and skills to be successful in the future. In addition, in a changing world and workforce, collaborating effectively with others is key. That’s why personalized learning encourages collaboration between the school, student, parent and community.

This gives teachers a great opportunity to customize their teaching methods based on place-based learning, including through, internships, and other places throughout the community. 

A personalized learning environment also gives parents a better and deeper understanding of their child’s learning path and greater opportunity for collaboration with teachers and the community. 

Personalized Learning to Success

These are just some of the reasons why students need personalized learning, but they are among the most significant. Although learning always takes place personally, students are more engaged in the process with a personalized learning approach. 

Learning is a lot like planting seeds. It takes time to nurture and grow. Also, it will grow much better in soil that is rich and fertile. The seeds are the lessons we give our students. The soil is their brilliant and creative minds. Finally, the fertilizer for growth becomes those precious personalized learning moments.