This year, Online Tutoring is thriving


While we aren’t happy that COVID-19 has forced us to change our behaviors and adapt to a new normal, shifting to online education isn’t always such a negative thing. Particularly for students who find difficult study independently and have a drive to meet their goals, online learning can be a valuable tool to help them get there. Many students throughout the world were taking advantage of online tutoring long before COVID-19 showed up. That’s because online tutoring can be incredibly effective, and we think it’s the perfect tool to help high schoolers. Here’s why..

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”

– Bill Gates

Resource Availability & Accessibility

In this century, we’re living in a very interconnected world. Our reality is that we can host virtual meetings with clients in different countries, we can hop on a plane and behalf a world away in less than a day, and we can talk virtually to anyone through the internet. This is a phenomenal thing to think about and something that is quite new tour world

In this modern world, we have a handful of information and resources at our finger-tips. This is an asset that we use every single day, and it is an asset that can be ap-plied to education as well.

When you consider in-person education, we’re limited to the resources that are avail-able in your location. If I live in one part of the world, I need to find a tutor who lives in a particular location and who has time to meet with the student and help educate the student. But if consider online learning, we may suddenly open many doors of possible resources. Perhaps the tutor that we think will be the best fit for us is located in another part of the world. That’s no problem. All we have to do is take time zones into account and get on a computer at the agreed-upon time. Just like that, we have access to more resources, and perhaps one of these is a better resource.

Consider the student that lives in a very rural area where there may not be qualified tutors to help him or her to reach their goals in the desired skillset. With the help of online learning, now those students are given equal access to students living in large cities where there tend to be more resources present.


Time is always precious, and, COVID-19 social distancing aside, we generally feel like we don’t have enough of it in a day to accomplish everything we want to. Online tutoring can be a big help in saving precious time.

When meeting for in-person tutoring, students and tutors both have to commute to the agreed-upon location. For some, this commute may be minimal. Students are of-ten running from one commitment to the next, which makes them exhausted before they even sit down for the tutoring session. By conducting online sessions, the com-mute is eliminated where students & tutors can jump on a video session from the comfort of their homes just moments before it’s scheduled to start.


Private tutoring can be expensive. Depending on what skills you’re trying to develop and how much time you plan to spend being tutored, the costs can vary greatly from quite reasonable to very expensive. There’s a reason that tutoring has a cost, though. Students can be admitted to great schools, they can receive scholarships worth thousands and thousands of dollars, and they can go on to get a great education that will put them on a career path that they love, and that will take good care of them. For these potential reasons, tutoring can be worth the cost.

Yet, if we can cut costs, that can be a good idea seldom. Online tutoring tends to be less expensive than in-person tutoring. This is true for a couple of reasons. First, the in-person tutoring rates will account for the time they spend commuting to and from the tutoring session. By tutoring online, that commute is eliminated. Additionally, when tutoring in-person, tutors will often provide practice materials for students to work on. When tutoring sessions take place online, those practice materials become virtual, which eliminates their need to provide many supplies, such as paper. For these reasons, you’ll find that online tutoring tends to cost a bit less than in-per-son tutoring. You’ll still receive a great education, but you’ll pay a little bit less for it.

“The real power of interactive technologies is that they let us learn in ways that aren’t otherwise possible or practical.”

– DavidLassner

Flexible Scheduling

Schedules can become full and messy when you’re a tutor scheduling multiple sessions each week with many different students. When working with students in-per-son, tutors also have to consider the time it will take them to get to and from sessions, where they need to go next, how they’re going to make time to eat somewhere between all these sessions, and whether there will be traffic or an accident that puts them behind schedule. It can be exhausting to juggle all these factors at the same time.

But changing schedules can make it hard for tutors to juggle. For that reason, tutors are not usually very forgiving about things like rescheduling and late cancellations as they relate to in-person tutoring sessions. It’s difficult to adapt their schedules, and time spent commuting is still their valuable time, so late cancellations usually result in full cost from the client.

With online tutoring, though, tutors are generally more flexible and more understanding when schedules change. After all, there is no commute that they have to con-sider, so it makes it much easier to adapt their schedules and see where rescheduled sessions can be moved to. Given this, there is not generally a penalty associated with rescheduling scheduled online tutoring sessions unless students fail to show up or cancel after a session has begun.


With COVID-19 wreaking havoc in many areas throughout the world and for many families throughout our country, safety is even more of a priority than ever right now. We want to keep everyone safe, which includes our students, our tu-tors, and any community members who they may interact with on their way to or from or during tutoring sessions.

From a public health perspective, online tutoring is the only way to make certain that students and tutors are safe from COVID-19 at this time. Online tutoring keeps everyone safe and also gives everyone the peace of mind to know that they are safe.


There’s something to be said about being comfortable while learning. If students are uncomfortable in a specific environment, they’re not likely to absorb very much new information and learn very well.

By conducting tutoring in a way that allows both students and tutors to work from the comfort of their homes, everyone is being put into a comfortable learning environment. Students can choose a location in their house that’s quiet and that will allow them to concentrate on the tutoring session. Tutors can set up their environment so that they have all the tools they need and are ready to conduct the best sessions possible. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

COVID-19 has left us all adjusting to new normals, and we’re honestly doing a great job. Schools and teachers have quickly adapted their learning practices so that students can continue to learn this spring and won’t have to repeat grades next year. That’s amazing. For students looking for additional educational support, we strongly recommend online tutoring. Online tutoring is a flourishing industry and the opportunities are endless.

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