Tricks To Help Your Child Develop Effective Study Skills


In this article, we will talk about the different tricks to help your child develop effective study skills which in turn will enhance their focus and concentration. Parents can play a significant role in improving their kid’s concentration and focus. So, let’s take a look at some of the simple and effective tips that will make your kids develop study skills.

Tricks To Help Your Kids Develop Effective Study Skills

1.  Breaking Down a Task Into Smaller Steps

For kids studying and completing homework on a single day can be an overwhelming experience. The best part to make your kids focused is to divide their bigger tasks into smaller or sub-tasks. And you can easily apply this strategy to homework, household chores, and even when it comes to learning new skills. 

Carrying out minor tasks will play a key role in the completion of a major project. This will not only make learning easier and fun but it will also improve your kid’s concentration and focus. We must take all the necessary steps to make sure that our kids don’t feel stressed or overburdened with their homework or studies.

2. Do Away With All The Distractions

Kids tend to respond positively in an environment that is soothing and mentally relaxing. But some kids can actually thrive even in noise and all the types of distractions. As parents, you must know what kind of environment will suit your kids the best and how it can help them increase their focus and concentration thereby improving their study skills.

a) Environment

To create a soothing and relaxing environment, make sure that you keep the room of your kids free from all types of clutter and noise. These little things will play a key role in improving the study skills of your kids.

b) Gadgets

It is a known fact that various types of gadgets can distract your kids and this can further impact their focus. So make sure that from iPads to iPhones and television, all the gadgets should be switched off till the time your child is engrossed in studying. Or else, if needed you can keep them in a separate room. In case your child needs a laptop for studying, handover them the laptop and monitor that they are only studying and not playing games.

c) Organize the Materials Properly

Make sure that all the stationery items are within the reach of your child especially when they’re studying. From homework books to color pencils, and even water. Double-check that all the necessary items are within the reach of your child.

3. Good Nap and Break is Important

An 8-hour sleep is mandatory for the proper functioning of the human brain and mental health. Some kids are able to concentrate and study better after a good night’s sleep. A power nap for 20 minutes after school or in the afternoon can also improve your kid’s focus. Apart from sleeping, all the bathroom breaks, hunger breaks, etc. should be properly taken care of before the study time begins as everything can play a key role in improving your child’s focus.

4. Examine and Understand Your Child’s Method of Learning

Every child has a different method of learning and it’s up to the parents to make use of different ways to teach their child. While some kids are able to learn and grasp everything when they see it, there are some kids who are able to learn and retain information when they hear. Properly experiment and analyze that which is the most suitable category for your child and start their learning process based on your findings.

a) Visual

With visual learning, we mean that your kids are able to understand and grasp what they see in front of them. This is a great way by which your child will be able to concentrate better and retain information for a longer period of time. When it comes to visual-based learning, you can adopt the following measures-

i) Drawing

Who doesn’t like to draw? Asking your kids to draw what he or she is studying will help them visualize the answer. This will further enhance their fine motor skills.

b) Acoustic

It means that kids are able to learn and retain information in an efficient manner when they hear something. So, if you’re focusing on auditory skills you can adopt the following measures.

i) Reading Loudly

Today, there are an endless number of skills using which you can improve your kid’s study skills. So another great way to make your child a better learner is by making them read aloud. In fact, audiobooks can be very effective and helpful for kids who can learn by reading out loud.

5. Creatively Channel Your Kid’s Energy

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” — Albert Einstein

Some kids are energetic during the daytime while some kids are highly energetic during the evening hours. Studying and motivating them to participate in activities can help them stay focused. This will also make your kids active and efficient multitaskers.