Want to Tutor International Students? Here is Everything you Need to Know

Points to keep in mind for teaching international students

If you are a teacher, instructor or guide, the expansion of online education must have changed how you teach your students. As the whole world is using internet for variety of reasons, online teaching has become more exciting. It allows you to work from your home, and teach students outside your location. If you want to tutor international students, you can now do it. You need to be persistent, but if you set your eyes on it, then you can do it.

However, teaching international students online has its own advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of online teaching for teachers is that they get more opportunities. However, if you are not cautious enough, your whole venture might not take off.

Points to keep in mind for tutoring international students

Know about your students

Students from other countries might be different from your own country students. So they might behave or expect different things from a teacher. That is why it is very important to do your homework. You need to learn what these students’ likes, dislikes, cultures, language etc. What kind of technology and devices do they generally use.

Following are some of the ways, you can get to know more about students from other countries and their culture –

  • You should research the place and its culture. Normally best place to start is wikipedia
  • You should visit social media and forums, which are popular among students of that country. Starting with youtube
  • If possible, you can also check popular TV programs and movies
  • Research popular education websites and study material they provide

Technology is very important

As you expand your horizons, technology becomes the backbone of your operations. Teaching online is very different from face-to-face teaching. That is why finding the right online teaching platform is very important. Most important thing is your comfort with the platform.

You need to keep following in mind while making the decision:

  • Research as many online tutoring platforms as possible. Check their features like teaching collaboration tools, scheduling, payment, ease-of-use and pricing.
  • After shortlisting the tutoring platform, you should use it2 to check your comfort level.

Know what you are going to teach

Different subjects have different syllabus in different countries. That is why if your students are from other countries, it is advisable to research their respective syllabus and kind of questions generally asked.

You can find the relevant syllabus and questions from:

  • You can search online. Popular education websites generally give full syllabus and previous year question papers and sample papers.
  • You can also browse the official websites of the schools, colleges and exam conducting bodies

Getting the students

Getting the students is most difficult part, especially if you are targeting foreign countries. Students and their parents generally prefer local teachers, whom they can trust. That is why you need to show your capabilities consistently, in order to win the trust. Once you have broken the initial hesitance, everything will be smooth wfrom there onwards. Later you can simply get more students by word of mouth.

You can do following to show your capabilities

  • Generate buzz and build excitement about your online teaching through social media popular in that country
  • Create blog to show your capabilities. Give free sample papers and solution to previous year question papers
  • Write articles on how to prepare for the subject and post them in different forums and websites
  • Offer free trial classes, so that students can know your teaching style

Managing Your Time

When you start teaching international students, it is very important that you work in their time zone. You will be getting emails and messages all the time and even on the weekends. The turn around time will be very important to win students’ trust. At the same time, having your personal life is important for your own well being.

You can do following to manage your time:

  • Mark your availability timing in your online schedule. Your online tutoring platform must have this capability
  • You might want to switch your biological clock little bit to meet your students’ time zone.

Starting your own online tutoring website will take some time and effort. Even more efforts will be required for tutoring international students. But if you play your cards right and are persistent, then you will be well rewarded, financially, emotionally and socially.

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