2018 Tutoring Business Insights


Here we are trying to understand how the small and medium-sized tutoring institutes operate, from where they are getting their most business and how. These tutoring company business insights will help you to understand online tutoring industry in a clear way.

From the most popular subjects tutored to billing practices, this report will help you to stay informed and understand how to businesses and students prefer to work now.

These insights have been compiled and provided to us by Clark, Inc Using data from their business product, Clark has produced the following insights on tutoring companies across the US.

Top 10 most frequent subjects tutored

Homework-help corners more than the third market. Math, ELA (English Language Arts) and Test Prep have another third market share.

Top 10 most frequent subjects tutored

Top 10 highest session rates by subject

Though multi-subject homework help tutoring is the most popular among tutoring companies, consulting/ mentoring type tutoring (educational consulting + executive functioning (EF)) as well as Test Prep are the highest paid.

Top 10 highest session rates by subject

Billing methods: pay as you go vs. pre-paid packages

Most tutoring companies are holding sessions and then billing immediately afterward or at the end of the month. However, some have pre-paid packages which are a great way to ensure getting paid on time every time.

Tutor Billing methods

Tutors tracking and providing session feedback to clients

Most of the sessions are logged or information provided by the tutors itself, rather than by admin. It shows that the industry is still tutor driven rather than company driven.

Tutor tracking


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